Minesweeper M146

There was at least one ship that beared the name “von der Lippe”.

In World War I it was part of the 1st Minesweeperflotilla. 700t, 60 ml, 8mb, 3m TG, 10 Kn, cruising range 3.40 SM. 51 people crew. 1 x 10,5cm 2 x 2cm.

It was reused in WW II as  M 546. At the 1st. Minesweeperflotilla KRÜDER. Commander was Korvettenkapitän Ernst Felix. The ship sank after being hit by a bomb June 15th, 1944 near Boulogne.

These very usable minesweeper of WW I stayed at the german marine according to the peace treaty of Versaille. Their taske were mine sweeping, Diese sehr brauchbaren Minensuchboote aus dem I. Weltkrieg, verblieben nach dem Versailler Friedensvertrag bei der Deutschen Marine. Aufgaben der Boote waren Minensuchen, test vehicles and Tender (supply ship).


The ship was name after the mayor of Stralsund Nikolaus (Klaus) von der Lippe, who organized a counterstrike against a danish fleet in the 15th century which was hammered in this action. Some more detailed information can be found in Köhlers Flottenkalender of 1978 (page 239).