The Heiersburg / Lipper Graben

The Heiersburg is a building which was formerly part of the defense circle of the city of Paderborn. The building lies north west of the Heiers Gate. This building has beendone up in the 17th century by Anton Lothar von der Lippe (older line of Vinsebeck, died August, 6th 1699). Today the building serves as a youth hotel.

The alternative name of the building called “Lipper Graben” is based on the fact that the building was owned for a long time by the von der Lippe family and second on the name of a leaseholder familiy called Charbon (even if I personally do not understand why Charbon (french for coal?) is equal to Graben (trench)).

On top of the entry to the second level on the side towards the city, under the coat of arms of bishop Herm. Werner von Wolff-Metternich and the coat of arms of the von der Lippe, the following inscript in stone can be found:

Ornamento publico,
Recreationi privatae, successorum commodo,
Exclementissima concessione Reverendissimi
Et celsissimi principis
Hermanni Werneri episcopi Paderbornensis
Turrim hanc temporum iniuriis collapsam restituit
Et una contignatione auxit Antonius Lotharius
de Lippe ex Vinsebeck, cathedralis ecclesiae
Paderbornensis capitularis et cellerarius
Anno Domini MDCXCIII

On the upper stone bar of the entrance the following line follows: Satrape in Beverungen, etc (as on the picture).


heiersburg #2

heiersburg #3

heiersburg #4

The translation is not so easy, as it is written in a kind of ancient poetry:

For the public decoration and the private recreation for the sake of the
descendants the sacred and well known count Hermann Werner bishop of
Paderborn gave permittance to renew this tower that has been broken down
by the hardship of times and to add another floor by Anton Lothar von der
Lippe of Vinsebeck, Master of the Capitel and Domkellner (well, I don’t
have the slightest Idee, what this is
) of Paderborn, Drost of Beverungen, etc.

And the Diftichon:

Where the goddess of war raged with deadly arrows
there, the friendly goddes Pomona not blossoms
with peace bringing branches
Where Mars fightned with the awfull black powder
there peace is now dining with the delightfull cup of nectar.

Additional information concerning the Heiersburg (and an alternative translation from latin to germany) can be found in two articles of the local newspaper:

WV, 1926, Issue 5/6
WV, 1926, Issue 50

The articles can be reviewed in the city archive of paderborn.